MOOC and reshuffle

The UK education scene may just start again. There appears not to be much of a fixed agenda from the new ministers. But then maybe this is just detox. Not sure.

Gove did go to BETT. The first time I thought his idea of not having a fixed set of courses for technology was quite a good one. But then maybe it just showed that he did not think the subject very important. The second time "coding" had all the attraction of a proper subject .

For the year in between Cable talked frankly about universities as a UK industry. MOOCs got a mention. Willetts has now gone and he was keen on the MOOC idea but I don't think there was ever any resource involved.

Whatever form the tech around the MOOC now takes it will involve education at all levels. Maybe something will be sorted out in time for the next BETT. Last time there was some LSE research but only in a special room that was very hard to get into so all I know is that there may be a high level group where things are being thought about. I still have not found any links online. The EU projects are much more public but I guess the current UK policy is to ignore them as part of the anti EU approach thought to appeal to the UK voters.

Meanwhile lots happening outside the UK. News will reach BETT somehow.