#EX2019 Exeter with Fiber imagined five years on

It has been interesting how the conversation with Simon Egan is working out. Same issues as five years ago but appears to be making more sense. Sound much better in Phonic studio  but also tried talking to Jonah Hitchens at Mama Stones and this worked ok also. Things are not exactly resolved over time but there is more depth to cope with complexity. So I am thinking also about five years in the future. The Telegraph has reported that it is just possible Google Fiber could arrive in the UK. Maybe not in Exeter at first but in five years or so maybe something similar could happen. Broadband speeds increase by time ten or times a hundred.

Looks like Google is interested in television or whatever this becomes. This would include YouTube or similar, more video as social media. To be a city suitable for this sort of approach Exeter would need to get even more used to video and social media. This could include expanding those aspects from Phonic FM and other media. The University could do more with Futurelearn and other online courses. Most communication from the campus or any city would develop in similar ways.

I don't think there will be much printed local media. I find it easier to imagine the Guardian would just be on a Saturday. I think a local weekly would also be much more of a magazine, supporting a website or other online ways of breaking news.

Previously I posted about trying out demos of how images would look projected onto buildings. This sort of thing happens in other cities. I will try to check out the current Fiber cities such as Kansas City and Austin.