role playing scenario for commons course

I am way behind with my course work on the Commons for Leuphana. may catch up later but still have not found anyone to be active in my group. I am looking at the ideas and am working with others locally.

So here is my role play suggestion

role playing game

The characters

A band / solo musician

A blogger / radio presenter

Manager from record company

the issue is the use of Creative Commons for whatever reason, shared culture and / or as content marketing

situation one  fairly unknown band with demo track on Soundcloud , not Creative commons or download enabled but easy to find. New version coming up with better recording and added horns. Should the demo still be available? could it be Creative commons to invite new versions?

situation two well established solo artist objects to all cover versions of their songs and removes them from YouTube

blogger / radio presenter tries to work out what is expected in what can be played, linked to, used in social media, suggested to listeners / followers

manager concerned with what to do about previous social media when signing artists and also how to revive career of artists blocking remix etc.