Will Pollard Show new focus for learning with design science

Not sure how long this will last but I think radio is so interesting at the moment that I will concentrate some theory on the situation. Previously I was working on printing with an ISO 9000 system and have continued to study how this can work. As mentioned in recent posts the world of print is still a bit stuck as far as I can make it out. The Guardian is not doing much to describe itself. Anyway, back on topic.

Sound is actually very large files compared to txt but somehow the web seems to cope. I filled up my free space on Spreaker and so upgraded. Now I have over 400 hours to fill. This could be a lot faster than print publishing. I have done an edit of the show on Thursday to make it closer to 90 minutes. Not sure how this would fit with the stream on Access All Aerials. I will try to stick to multiples of 30 minutes. Much of it will be going back in time. I have been doing the Wild Show for a while now. I can't get too much into theory without losing the audience but there could be some linking bits for sound that already exists.

The one from Thursday is titled "Proposed sounds - 80s installation / venue" . This is now fairly convincing as a case that such a project is possible. All we are claiming is that the radio show will report developments. any links welcome. Guests also, needs a bit of time to arrange.

Design Science seems easier to work with than ISO 9000 or quality theory. So far not much video has been possible in this area. Much of the ISO 9000 content is fairly formal. Maybe it has to be. There is not the sort of casual conversation that invites people to add a comment. It seems that Design Science is not yet established with organisation to promote / endorse it. Maybe I have missed this. Anyway design is open enough as an idea that I can introduce it during the show. JD claims that radio is an art, not a science, but I think this depends on whether he is in presenter mode or tending towards being a producer. He certainly measures the minutes to go before coffee.

YouTube and other video could be more casual and mashed up. I have worked out how to select Creative Commons and how to use the Remix button. There is a video of the chat / keynote for #mtw3 but so far nobody has chosen to select out a clip. I will try to do some more on this.

Maybe later there could be some more on ISO 9000. There is an update out next year. But some sort of design is a good start for working on the 400 hours.