We Don't Know next week cross over with classics

Design problem for next week is how to fit with the Classical Journey given that the usual presenter may not be there. Luch Càise-Dearg will probably be away, this summer phase is quite varied. So the We Don't Know show could start early. this week we had a talk bout Albert Hall's Flying Aces but the interview with Patricia Hammond was at the start of the program. 

Luch also spoke about the Leo Green Experience, playing dance music in Branscombe Hall, and Bratislava Hot Serenaders who were at the Barnfield Theatre. So my plan A is to replay the interview with Patricia Hammond and then find some links to the others. I may include some classics as well. I have one new CD as my cousin Sara Trickey was part of the Budleigh festival. Can't say much sensible about it but it should fit in ok.

I notice there is a Facebook page for the show where people can add info on events. I will check this out to find some clues for tracks.

Otherwise I will expand on Cole Porter. We have been playing a Dionne Warwick CD as a crossover point and I can find other versions of the songs over most of the years but not as far back as the start of the Flying Aces, apparently around 1912.

This week's show