Leuphana Commons course getting to crunch time

I am just about hanging in with the Leuphana course. Still nobody else active in my group. I don't think there is much awareness of Creative Commons. For example this video is very sound and mentions open source and law, but not Creative commons.

By the way, this is private on YouTube, but Creative commons so the Remix button is there. I am only getting feedback from people I meet in actual life such as Phonic FM so feel ok about showing the link. You might want to sign up for the next course and get better access to the info.

There will be role playing games soon and detailed discussions about resources. So where is YouTube at round about now? Creative Commons continues as an option but the advertising push is going ahead very strongly. Not sure where the culture is. But we need some resources for better video. I think I have reached a stage where the potential is clearly demonstrated. How to move on with more video around Phonic FM or some sort of local television?

The beer festival next month at Seale Hayne will be a chance to continue the conversations from Beer At The Castle five years ago. Possibly the relevance of Creative Commons is as a basis for renegotiating if there is some combination with an income. Not sure how proper editing for broadcast could happen but it is a possibility.

Tobe continued via The Wild Show and @wenotno . Sidmouth Folk Week always inspiring but it can be misleading as an environment. Soon after there can be shocks from other cultures.