Where are the 4k cities? on YouTube maybe?

I have now got a Sony Experia with a 4k camera. so this may become my main camera instead of the trusty Kodak Zi8.  I don't think I will actually upload much through the phone. Much more likely to use wi-fi or take it home to a desktop for a bit of an edit. But in theory this could be quite quick to broadcast news or an interview.

I think you can combine AR and video. The guide shows it for stills so why not video? But I can't find anything on YouTube already. Some sort of 3d barcode or known image prompts something else and it all appears as one scene. Do I need an app? which one and where? In Exeter we have had projections onto buildings during Animated Exeter for a while now. something similar should be possible screen by screen. and if it is in 4k the screen could be quite large.

See previous post about Google and fiber cities. A lot of this technology is not making much sense. I actually use about half the resolution that the Zi8 can offer and it is ok for YouTube I think. Somewhere there may be a city that has enough home screens showing 4k that broadcast is viable. Also enough bandwidth that phones can reach this faster than an SD card in a taxi. But where? And is there some video of the city streets plus some AR?

Probably in Exeter within the next five years or so. But we need some examples from far away, seems to be how the arts world operates.