Notes for Beer Festival chatshow

Over the next few weeks there may be several conversations connected with similar ideas as those discussed during Beer At The Castle a while ago. Including how the internet changes possibilities for content creation or performance or whatever you want to call it. Meanwhile I continue with the Leuphana course on the Commons and try to interest more people in Creative Commons legal options.

I think we need a new level and the time could be right. Falling asleep / not being able to fall asleep i recently heard a discussion on Up all Night / Radio 5 live in which Games journalists talked about channels on YouTube. Can't remember very well but at least this topic area is viable. By the way "native advertising" now so widespread don't worry about if you are a journalist or not.

So maybe best to look at Creative Commons as a way to protect and prepare for a protected version with a production budget. What happened to the original culture also an issue.

Meanwhile through Facebook I discover that Jo Gedrych is close to Sidmouth or has been recently. Now in Wales but he may be back next week. I am going to continue through Wild Show and @wenotno assuming that some conversation is through social media. 

The reality of a chat show at a beer festival may rely on recreation in a studio later and then some editing. It could be seen as a sort of script with rehearsal. Could also include coffee in daytime, sometimes more sensible as radio.

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