Expanded post on boundaries, locations as sets

By "sets" I am meaning some sort of stage where something can be recorded. Not maths or systems. But this could ramble off in various directions. Over the rest of the year there will be actual meetings around systems and learning. There was to have been a meeting about "Organising and Managing Across Boundaries" in September but this looks like it is moving online and/or some regional events. There will probably be an event in London in December based on the ideas of Edwards Deming.

Meanwhile I am getting more into radio or at least edits of shows that then continue online. The Phonic FM studio is a basement in central Exeter. We do know where it is but this can be forgotten after an hour or so. mp3 can come from anywhere and the date or time can be represented variously.

So here are the graphics again, maybe making more sense

This is intended as  a walk between the Work Foundation in Victoria and the CQI in Holborn. Or it could be a campus or large organisation with a QA building and a HR building. A walk is a chance for conversation. There can be stops at a cafe. ( Recently I think the north bank of the Thames has too much clutter. But the South Bank and the Strand are still good locations ) There may be sound before there is video. Any suggested clips can probably be included.

This one involves moving between the Lancaster Campus and the Work Foundation. It is a way to continue the conference on management theory and practice. Also Mode 1 and Mode2 knowledge. Maybe we should add design science sometime soon. Not sure what is happening but there may be more interest in design science.

I still think the Work Foundation could be used for conferences and links between academics and practice. But for various reasons I'm not sure it is happening. People working in London prefer breakfast meetings. Academics outside London like a later start as train tickets are cheaper.  Meanwhile I will explore what is possible in Exeter, but taking the diagram as a grid. It is getting easier to do sound recordings and video anywhere. they can be mixed or regarded as  basis for another one. Production standards can vary.

One of the topics for "managing and organising across boundaries" is the situation of whistle blowers. Some of this may relate to "the voice of the system" in systems diagrams. How can it work exactly?

The page for the Boundaries conference still exists and links to a special journal issue.


There is a page for the Deming SIG at the CQI. There will be planning meetings ahead of December so details could be available on request