Draft notes for Networked Learning 2016

This is a try at thinking about the Networked Learning conference next year. I am mostly trying to work out how to describe the #mtw3 posts over the next few weeks. Maybe a bit of background-

The Management Theory at Work conferences included a bit about technology but not much detail as I saw it. Networked Learning seemed to be starting again or not too concerned with organisation.

My interests was as a practitioner , working on an ISO 9000 situation, so #mtw1 was encouraging until the keynote from Chris Grey that as memory serves proposed that going back to critique was a more stable role for universities that attempting to offer any form of management advice. 

The practitioner attendance numbers seemed to drop off for #mtw2 but this is not very surprising.

Networked Learning has included critique, much of it seems to be comments on what is happening anyway rather than making practice proposals.

When I am thinking about #mtw3 I want to keep the original scope as well as making my own case. I am helped by Linda Shelton who sticks to the scope as if it was driven by code.

Recently I wrote about BETT and critique on Pulse / LinkedIn

Briefly BETT was quite a shock in the extent of company influence on government. People from universities were there but they seemed to be lurking - not much contribution on the show floor.

What I guess is that quite soon the cost aspects of technology in education will be part of the discussion. Based on reading Peter Scott in the Guardian there is a widely held view of this as coming from companies or private universities and confirmation of other views on managerialism etc.  Will there be some sort of alternative proposal? Maybe not if critique is an aim in itself.

Meanwhile in Exeter I currently work on a radio show, mostly music but with space for discussion. Please get in touch if you are nearby sometime. We will look at Phonic FM as an example of an organisation gradually moving into social media, though FM continues.

Comment welcome if I am raving wildly off topic or have lost awareness of relevant information.

Later there could be some sort of workshop proposal for the next Networked Learning conference. Maybe a fringe event about social media, with implications.