blog notes for China Manufacturing

Through Twitter I have been invited to exchange blog posts with China Manufacturing - @chinasourc - so here is a start.

Came about from a video clip. I am promoting #mtw3 as an online version of a conference starting with YouTube. Look for "Burgoyne  mtw3" , should find them.

Earlier versions cover climate change and projections of consumption in Chins. Latest one i ask him about how the UK and western countries will need to change as well as different forms of development. No clear answers so far.

But it would be interesting to hear from people in China about environmental and management standards. I know that ISO 9000 has the highest number of certificates in China. (Used to be UK in times of BS5700) I guess similar with environmental standards. Why is it that Quality Circles work in Asia but not in USA or Europe?

I am going into my own interests a bit. there is a blog for #mtw3 by Linda Shelton who covers the entire scope.

More later. Have to stop now as @wenotno is on Phonic FM at 12 and we have to plan it.