Sourcing China and gadgetFM

This is another short post just to explain a tweet or two. I am thinking about #mtw3 , an online version of a management conference, and also about the Wild Show tomorrow. We try to integrate mobile devices with an FM studio. Works ok but mostly improvised by each set of people. We are going to Gadget Show Live next month and had thought about a raffle to fund a demo studio. But now the Gadget show has announced a sort of competition for a future gadget. We could do a spec on just one box, not a crate load of all sorts. It just accepts sound from phones etc, sorts out the levels and offers an app for mixing on any screen in the studio. More tomorrow between 10 and 12 UK time. 106.8 in Exeter or

Quite possibly such a box already exists or there could be several versions. Something chunky for the studio to convince tech support. Quite small if just uploading a podcast.

Sourcing China responded to a tweet about #mtw3 videos. Look for "Burgoyne #mtw3"