Update on critique , relevance, design science

This turns out to be a link back to other parts of this Squarespace site. I am currently working on #mtw3, an online version of Management Theory at Work. This started as a conference at Lancaster a while ago so obviously some of the content is repeated or tried out again. I think I am still on topic but also getting further back into my own stuff.

This month is intended as an online only version of #mtw3. Week 1 started with YouTube clips edited from a talk by John Burgoyne ( search on Burgoyne and #mtw3 should find this ) . This week starts with a YouTube playlist on Design Science, possibly a theory to link work on teaching and management. I have started to tweet about this and asked for some link suggestions to the "dark side" of design science. Maybe too cryptic for a tweet. I find that usually there is a critique for every topic, a claim about the dark side. So what is the current view on this sort of thing?

For example at the first Management Theory at Work conference there was a closing keynote by Chris Grey. Maybe the "dark side of relevance" could be shorthand for this. This can be expanded later.

Design Science might be a way to describe management and relevance. There were articles in an issue of the British Journal of Management. Hugh Wilmott wrote about what I will summarise as "design science the dark side" , hey this is only a blog . I have been looking for ways to update this. I cannot find anything about management theory in general that has followed on from the design science discussion then.

Now looking through my own links I have found my blog from a couple of years ago. The Posterous site closed down but it was copied to Squarespace as at hello spiders. So there is a lot of stuff there to go through again. Much was prepared for a meeting of the Deming SIG at the CQI. I still think that Deming ideas can compare with Design Science. But he main thing now is that there is some summary of the discussion on a critique of design science.

Nothing very clear at the moment. But I will try to check out the links again during the week. 

Start here maybe or the whole blog from that time

Suggestions welcome on more recent links. There is some sort of critique of relevance. Conferences connecting theory and practice are rare for some reason.