hello spiders - cms7 critique quality the cloud experimentality models #hellospiders

I am going back to hello spiders, diagrams of words that form patterns as search results or connections

except that they are from different times and places, spiders do not care about such things unless otherwise specified

CMS7 is looking good from the PDF available, but I don't think there is much social media around it.

Previously Experimentality last year the session I was at had a critique take on the Cloud and ways to work from models of online scenarios. I am interested in how this develops but can't find much. The Cloud has dangers but could be useful.


can't find much on this site re CMS7 , I think it started after a California meeting on Web 2. Maybe the spiders will find this again. But the site is not working as Web 2. Almost nothing happens. there is a Facebook Critical Management site but nothing so far on CMS7 as far as I can find

my interest still quality systems and how people learn from them or not. CMS view still everything about quality is horrible , but I try to review this every so often