@arusbridger fewer pages maybe less jobs, this is an event compare Haymarket

Yesterday I rashly suggested that print is over. Not so of course but I do think the Guardian now has so few pages that the "digital first" policy should get more attention. As far as I know there was a short explanation on Monday but so far not much reporting.

I missed the announcements in December but now find some through Google blogsearch. 

Paid Content suggests there will not be any job losses but there is a different view from the Sports Journalists Association.

They think at least two senior journalists will leave, based on sources close to a seasonal party.

“We were called in to the meetings,” one staff member told sportsjournalists.co.uk, “and we were given a very up-beat message about how successful the website is.
“But you couldn’t help to feel very deflated when you came away from the briefing.”

According to a Guardian webpage also from December " The changes are intended to be incremental,"

But there must come a point when the value of the print product is dropping relative to an increasing price so that the difference in circulation can be noticed. This week is a news event I think.

Meanwhile there could be a similar situation at Printweek and Haymarket. 

The print version of Printweek has an editorial "Confidence is key to success and Drupa may provide this" but it mentions that "the enthusiasm of IPEX 2010 turned out to be a false dawn". Probably there will be some advertising for Printweek in hard copy in the time to Drupa but it may be a better time to look at print outside of the atmosphere of trade shows.

Issue 2 of Print Power, linked to the Power of Print as featured on Printweek web site, has an ad from Haymarket on page 11. This promotes a sub to Brand Republic website. My guess is that Haymarket will do more online and that some print versions will not be continued.

Reporting in print ought to cover what is going on, not just how print should be or was once.

Then again, often it does. Next Printweek in print will probably include this report

drupa is using augmented reality. The 2012 drupa could be studied for how it is actually promoted.

I still think the cross media event in London should have been last year. So my dates and timing may seem confused.