Guardian can't go on like this @arusbridger print is over

Yesterday was the explanation. Today the event is the end of sports pages. Not that I read them very often but it also means that there is less space for the Education bit, also now without a section. There is a selection of reader Tweets and a guest space for the Digital Champion. But I can't find any sort of considered view on Gove at BETT that helps me.

Long ago there would have been a computer supplement on the Thursday during BETT and lots of space on the Tuesday after. Maybe there is more online but I'm responding to the printed product.

I don't think this will last for long. The circulation is about to drop quite sharply I would guess. I used to subscribe, now I buy it on certain days. Could the front cover on a Monday and Tuesday clearly state how many pages of media or education are inside? Otherwise it is a lottery.

I still think citizen journalism is the future of news, but probably with completely new structures.