Exeter TV, edit style prepared for local cable model

Thinking about previous styles of edit I have checked out the youTube posts from Director Jo, once known as Exeter TV now as JG Productions aka Jo Gedrych. His idea I think was for local TV in the UK on the model of USA cable. It is a mystery why this never happened. So around five years ago he was editing to establish a possibility of a standard that could be gradually upgraded to broadcast. Examples below. I contributed to some of the Sidmouth ones. The Sidmouth Gospel Choir was the most advanced I think. Two cameras, one on a tripod. ( if you look closely one shows the clothing as green, one blue but you might miss this on normal YouTube scale). The edit is very considered and works well.

But this all takes time and some resource. Contrast with what I've done recently. But YouTube is working ok, not as a preparation for broadcast but on its own terms. The audience can do an edit if enough searching is relevant. ( still possible to do an edit later but I'm less and less convinced this is likely ever to happen)

a bit more after the examples

At the moment the possibility of rough mixes on a Creative Commons basis seems possible. Not quite sure where this is going but more links will follow probably.

Jo, we don't need another TV extravaganza in Edinburgh. But why not late summer conversation quietly on the coast for a sensible conversation? Or through Facebook.