BETT Learning Technology : the focus is Vince Cable #oldsmooc

I think one reason I sense a lack of focus this week is that I still read the Guardian in print about three days in seven.

We Own The Weekend is definitely getting the sense of we realise the value in Monday to Friday is vanishing.

Very little media news yesterday, nothing on BETT today. Long ago there might have been a supplement written by someone else. But the core print writers have very little interest in tech when you get right down to it. Harriet Swain reports on some projects that are not online and this is obviously a good thing for all newspaper readers. (p32) Don't get me wrong. Blending is the thing. But as a guide to the week this is not exactly worth £1.40

Meanwhile Vince Cable is shown on the BETT website. I may have missed this previoiusly. So follow up questions to Michael Gove on how the ICT courses are working out will have to wait for another occasion. BIS means universities, and MOOCs mean global disruption.