Cameras on Surface, need two four month plans for Rougemont Global Broadcasting

There is a bit nore info on the Microsoft tablet, but not much. I found a story - 

All about the Microsoft Surface's Camera

but it has no more detail than yesterday.

Except how it can be used. Closely linked into Skype with two cameras, one for video conferencing and one for a wider view that can be left with the device propped up as if it was on a tripod.

So this would work ok for the level of video I put on YouTube. Could even be better if higher res ok over wifi. But Surface is a long time away and Windows may not work first time out. Windows Three was very good and I still use XP but every time there is a major improvement there may be a delay until a version is ready to forget about and just assume it is working ok in the background.

So the previous three month plan is now amended to two four month plans, one fairly vague until detail on Surface and Windows is known around the time of September. Another till BETT, the UK tech show for schools when the news about what young people bought over Xmas is digested as if adults know enough to plan something.

Obviously other mobile devices are available. But Microsoft remains a significant influence. The idea of Surface is a useful comparison for other kit. Just as Skype can be compared with phones.