Wild Show tomorrow, I need training Phonic FM 10-12

Chris Norton has now suggested I do the first half hour of the Wild Show. I started as a guest on the New Exeter Radio Show and the time slot is the same.

In this blog I have mentioned radio as a possible focus for change programs or whatever is claimed as learning or quality. You may hear occasional remarks about the equipment in the studio. For example if the CD jumps so much we have to take it off then it has to be explained as an equipment failure. But last week I did blame the CD player when actually there was a button I should have pressed to enable the fader. Usually JD arrives within the first quarter of an hour and Chris probably in time for 10.30 so if I get confused the silence should not last too long.

We have a new cable that can plug into any device. So I will take in my trusty XT laptop. The management are an inspiration. How a community radio station is organised may be a bit of a mystery but there is clearly change. If it works I may have to think about some new kit. Chris has tried out his iPhone but we are not sure what happens if somebody phones him when the cable is live.

Anyway, I will try to concentrate on what JD is telling me. I do get confused and forget the track titles and so forth. There could be improvements in the equipment and structure at Phonic FM. But I will start with the idea that more training may resolve most of the issues.

The content will mostly be a mix of folk and soul. New CD from Bobby Womack and YouTube live promo for Soul Sessions 2 from Joss Stone. Current mystery is why Bobby Womack seems not to be in Europe. Is he ill? Seems ok signing records in LA. But will he perform in Paris or Dublin? Seems to have missed Victoria Park. 


So hope he is well.