@CllrPaul4Cowick Can Exeter be a space for Creative Commons content?

Cllr Paul Bull

Hello Paul

I am trying out interviews via Tweet. It may spin off to the Wild Show on Phonic FM. You remember the interview with Dan Jarvis MP and your later comments on Creative Commons in the Phoenix bar. Both are now on YouTube.

Recently I noticed that Michael Gove MP has put his BETT speech on YouTube with a Creatrive Commons licence. Remix is invited and I have tried this out. The online edit works ok.

So Creative Commons for public statements seems to have a future. What about content such as audio and images? 

I have also done a YouTube clip partly about a giraffe and RAMM.

There could be more RAMM publicity if there was more content available with a Creative Commons licence. For example a sample of the sound from Ghostwriter. Or a photo of the actual giraffe.

You may have noticed that today there is no Wikipedia, a protest at the current legislation in the USA. Whatever you think about this it is also worth exploring the culture around Creative Commons and how it could devellop further in Exeter and other places.

Any link suggestions welcome