Kodak continues as graphics for drupa - Zi8 style video cameras? @KodakCB

From the BBC and Channel 4 I just get the wonderful history and some memories from UK photographers.

From What They Think this morning I get a sponsored video and some commentary from Patrick Henry-

It’s remarkable that reports in the general media—including the numerous stories putting a gratuitous, how-the-mighty-have-fallen spin on the travails of Kodak—have had almost nothing to say about the condition or even the existence of its graphic communications product lines. In fairness, these B-to-B verticals seldom attract much attention beyond the confines the industry to which they’re exclusively marketed. But, the days of graphic communications as Kodak’s best-kept secret probably are over, and this may be the one bright bit of news to emerge from its otherwise sobering Chapter 11 announcement.

You would never know there was such a thing as Kodak graphic communications from UK reports.

By the way, I still think this will be the VIDEO drupa. Companies will go direct to the public via YouTube etc. I expect more publishers to follow whattheythink online only. but probably not till drupa is over.

In the reporting section there is a possible clue about video cameras.

The intellectual property that Kodak intends to sell, Payne said, is entirely on the consumer products side and represents only about 10% of the company’s business. In contrast to this, said Payne, “we will continue to focus on building our patent portfolio in the GCG.”

Could this mean that the future of video cameras will be as part of a phone with Kodak paid for some technology? I really like my Zi8, given to bloggers etc. at IPEX, and I keep looking for a new one with wifi. I don't care how slim it is. I also have a very old Nokia for txt and voice. But that's just me.

As mentioned previously, distribution for Kodak video cameras in Exeter UK is not that visible. If the route is through some other model, any clues welcome.