Guardian asks whether bloggers are journalists? (about 5 years too late imho)

Mostly this story is about the possibility that tech bloggers may have financial interests. How surprising when compared with the claims of proper journalism. As if the Guardian would knock the idea of BBC local video, then launch their own in Manchester, and then just leave it. 

But the main point comes in the first sentence-

The debate asking "Are bloggers journalists?" was exhausted by about 2005. (Answer: yes.)

But if so, why did the Guardian not adjust around this time? Citizen journalism was featured at the OhmyNews conferences for example. But the Guardian Talk got less attention. No development resources.

If this sort of story is an example of how bloggers are reported then I think the Guardian has already gone off in a wrong direction. It may have been too late after around 2005. Do we really need the gossip on the high profile bloggers in the USA? Nothing against them but what about local bloggers in the UK? Is there any connection with the Guardian?

I'm down to two or three copies a week now for the print version.