Design Science, YouTube for an hour and a half is too much for Wild Show #mtw3

This morning I watched the whole of this talk on design science.

Definitely too much for the Wild Show, it would only leave half an hour for music. But it explains where the idea is coming from. If you need to skip through it, roughly the first half hour is about collaboration examples, the next half hour is about design science and the last half hour is questions. Very briefly, there is some recognition for existing design, social science and action learning but still a case in a web context for research funding in some proportion to the space budget over a period up to 400 years.

I have been dipping into this sometimes but I think the future of the design science DJ will depend on shorter explanations.

However it is worth viewing for the positive motivation in engaging with technology. I like the comparison of engagement and experimentality. I was reminded of the Lancaster project on Experimentality and had a look at a recent paper -

There are some interesting ideas about Kondratieff cycles but I can't see where activity might follow from this style of writing. Design science has a lot to contribute to experimentality.