more on #A2DMusicExpo mobile tech and performance video

See previous posts for video links from the DJ performances in the Phoenix bar during #A2DMusicExpo and Phonic benefit

The approach of loading quickly without much editing is getting an interesting result. A bit patchy at the moment but seems ok. There can be corrections through the YouTube editor and also there could be another edit later.

Some issues from the #A2DMusicExpo are a bit clearer now. Progress on consumer electronics kit is such that studios need to adjust what they offer. The talk about the iPad from Mindlobster and Yamaha shows that kit has not got to be expensive. There are still benefits from the professional level but a lot can be done with kit from the high street. Or at least it is worth a look.

For example the video was done with a Kodak Zi8 and the recent ones not edited at all except through YouTube editor. Earlier ones edited with Premiere Elements on Windows from Aldi. Those from Phonic benefit had sound feed from desk to external mike input. So the desk obviously helps.

I still think that Sound on Sound could come back to video as a feature. It just seems odd to me that sound can be a technical issues of interest but video not. And if a camera phone is ok for video, is there an equivalent shift possible in the role of the studio? I notice there are still loads of videos from Sound on Sound available on YouTube that deal with video. Well worth a look.

More on this are in a few weeks when things settle down a bit. Comment welcome.

Thanks for all the agreement that content could be on  a Creative Commons basis. There should be some remix through YouTube later.