Microsoft Surface is a major move, movies priority in a book format

I have watched the full presentation on YouTube and this looks really interesting. Microsoft still thinks there is a role for desktop PCs but this is a massive endorsement for tablets however it turns out.

I notice that Netflix is one of the apps that is shown. Video is a strong element in this. There is an HDMI output as well as 1080 resolution. The screen on the latest iPad was thought to be too high a spec but this seems to be what they now expect in all future tablets. There is mention that the device feels like a book and text is still part of what is on offer. The keyboard is attractive, I still don't feel ok about an image on the screen.

Apparently Skype will be well set up and the cameras look ok. No detailed spec as yet. But this could be a device to compare with the Kodak Zi8 for video to YouTube. If not at once then after an edit. 

The dates are still vague but probably by Christmas something will be clear. For the UK BETT will be a good time to have a look at this and alternatives.