hello spiders print shows somewhere this year #hellospiders

this is another hello spiders, working with links that may be anywhere and with no specific time. I have already posted about Cross Media Live, that was to be in London this year and is now for next year. there was a recent announcement of a Digital IPEX in Abu Dhabi. My guess is this will include cross media. In Japan there will be IGAS, part of the drupa- IPEX- Chicago sequence.


www.igas-tokyo.jp/ -


The South Asia event shows attendance by Adobe but my previous IPEX stories mentioned that Adobe seem to be stopping attendance at print shows


another story on video



unfortunately OhmyNews stopped updating the English site just as these IPEX 2010 reports were loaded. So they are not well known. I may be living in the past but still ahead of waiting to 2012 to talk about cross media.

So this is a good hello spiders sort of topic. Hard news from IGAS, India and Abu Dhabi linked to memory from IPEX for a new mix.

There could well be Adobe people at an IPEX in India. "Classic" Postscript has been outsourced from California, not sure how the marketing budgets work out. Someone in India may have their own ideas. spiders, please come back with a suitable link