Radio history and stories, ahead of Wild Show this Thursday morning on

I am gradually getting back into the week after the weekend that is still here despite the rain. I have found a page on the BBC site for Radio 4 that I heard about last week.
The slideshow covers radio history and in the sound Nicola Stanbridge suggests that "portability" was the chief protagonist behind design of transistor radios, associated with the troublesome teenager and Radio Caroline. This is something we should have considered on the Wild Show (Phonic FM Thursday mornings) when we talked about a transistor radio at the time of the  reopening of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Ghostwriter, Tales of Things, Gripping Yarns, there are several projects based on objects as a basis for stories.
For the Wild Show I hope to find more portable radio devices to take to cafes and other sites. There are several historic items in the date range of the BBC slide show. Some may be too heavy to move about but there could be photos on a phone.