Revised design for Wild Show this Thursday, slightly different to last week


this has a link to a clip from last week

the design for last week.

Thing is, I can't find much from Design!? in Helsinki. It still seems possible to link an academic conference, social media, and a radio show. But not that fluid at the moment.

I did find interruptions a problem. JD says he can cope but when he found the request on YouTube it turned out to be the karaoke version. I still think Facebook a few days ahead is the best way.


Constant Connectivity: Rethinking Interruptions at Work 
By J. Wajcman and E. Rose
The Dialectical Sense of Humour: Routine Joking in a Taylorized Factory 
By M. Korczynski 

I think the links work for free till the end of July. Chris is still talking to us. We might make another remark about "management" .

I could only find one blog post from Helsinki -  Yiannis Gabriel 
  on Serendipity

I found especially fruitful the discussion of whether serendipity can be routinized, which I think persuaded me that this is impossible. By contrast, I remain convinced that it can be facilitated by allowing or creating safe unmanaged spaces in our lives where unexpected things can happen. Of course, such spaces are all too often experienced as messy, dangerous and confusing, but as my old professor Paul Feyerabend liked to say "Without mess, no discovery". If serendipity favours the prepared mind, it also favours the soul that is willing to live with messy uncertainty. It favours the person who is not afraid to get lost from time to time, to make detours from his/her planned journeys and to waste time and other resources without regrets and shame.

This more or less describes what community radio should be like. The mess takes the form of dead air which will be edited out for the YouTube clips.

We will still mention the Celebration of Failure and the Eclectic Electric event. but there is also Any High Street at RAMM. I do have one interview already and it won't close till September. And Stonehenge continues.

I forgot to play Neil Young last week. So more space for the folk part, still need to leaver time to ask JD about the '80s.